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Sint Pancras and surroundings

Sint Pancras is a town in the province of Noord-Holland with around 6,000 inhabitants. Located between Heerhugowaard and Alkmaar, it can be characterized as a rural area. In de past twenty years, Sint Pancras has known a significant growth in the number of residents. And, according to expectations, this growth is not stopping anytime soon. This provides opportunities for land owners in the area. Investing in agricultural plots is a smart move in times like these and now has one of those plots in Sint Pancras on offer. Interested? Read more about it here.

The opportunities of this plot

At the moment, this plot is nothing more than an empty pasture, assigned the purpose of agricultural land in the zoning plan. However, based on the number of plots that has already been sold in and around Sint Pancras, we think these zoning plans might soon change. It is to be expected that the undeveloped land might arouse serious interest from project developers in the very near future. The three most important reasons we believe this, are:

  1. The parcel is located between Heerhugowaard and Alkmaar. Since these cities have grown significantly in the past few years, it’s not unlikely that local authorities there are considering expanding beyond their borders. In addition to that, thanks to the nearby N-routes, these cities can now be reached within minutes.
  2. Sint Pancras is a rural community close to several urban centres. That means this town offers the perfect combination between plenty of employment opportunities and a peaceful living environment.
  3. In the immediate vicinity of this plot, several building projects have already been started, but it’s still not nearly enough to satisfy the local housing needs.

If we add these reasons to the overall housing shortage in the rest of the Netherlands, it’s easy to see the possibilities of this land.

What can do for you?

At we know that undeveloped land is a precious asset. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider buying or selling it. In the past five years, we’ve gained a lot of experience in providing personalized services in this regard. We help our clients in every aspect. From contacting the relevant parties to collecting all the necessary documentation. Our goal is to make sure buying or selling your land causes as little stress as possible.

Are you interested in buying this plot or would you like to know more about Please don’t hesitate to contact us or read more about our unique approach here.


Price € 24.200 k.k.
Surface 220
Provinces Noord-Holland
Notes Landbouwgrond

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