Who are we?

Landbouwkavels.nl has developed a unique way of mediating in the acquisition of agricultural plots. Plots are expensive and valuable assets and as a result, the profits made of them can be substantial. Keeping this in mind, we have tried to adapt our mediation strategy as much as possible to the interests of our clients. We provide customized services!

Our mediation strategy

Landbouwkavels.nl is here for everyone interested in acquiring an agricultural plot. Our mediation strategy is focused on providing the client with a full package. This means we will help you throughout the entire process: from start to finish.

During the mediation process, we will gather information from the relevant government institutions about, for example, existing zoning plans and developmental strategies. Based on this information, we will give you, the client, honest advice about which plots are best suited to your interests.

Our mediation strategy is aimed at making sure our clients have nothing to worry about during the entire acquisition procedure.

Take a look at our plots

We at Landbouwkavels.nl offer a wide range of agricultural plots located anywhere in the Netherlands. Every plot has its own strengths. Some are more interesting in the long run, while others might result in a quick profits. Read more about our plots here.

At Landbouwkavels.nl we work with a number of reliable parties, such as realtors and notaries. In collaboration with them or with a notary or realtor of your choice, we ensure a quick and seamless acquisition.

Interested in our services?

Are you interested in benefitting from our comprehensive services? Or do you want to learn more about our mediation strategy? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do for you!