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Only a short distance away from the capital, north of Amsterdam and south of Purmerend, you can find the rural town Landsmeer. This municipality is an oasis of calm close to the overcrowded city. It is, therefore, little wonder that in the last few years more and more people have decided to leave the hustle and bustle behind for the peace and quiet of this community. At this rate, the area will soon face a huge housing shortage. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider investing in undeveloped land in the region now. You can start by taking a look at this promising agricultural plot in Landsmeer.

What makes this plot in Landsmeer promising?

The parcel offered by is located on the Kanaaldijk in Landsmeer. This dike leads all the way to Purmerend and is only a few minutes away from the residential area. In the last few years, one by one the empty plots along this road have gotten a new allocation in the zoning plans. This makes it all but unlikely that the parcel concerned awaits the same fate. And that means high returns for whoever owns the land at that time. Could it be you?

The reasons for the changes in the zoning plan are the continuing growth of the number of inhabitants of the Randstad. A region-wide housing shortage looms and there is barely enough land available to fix it. This also applies to Landsmeer. That’s what makes this parcel the ideal investment for anyone looking for profit on the short term.


Buying and selling agricultural plots can be a very stressful process. There are countless rules and regulations to follow and all the relevant parties have to contacted accordingly. In the past few years, has put a lot of time and effort in specializing in this area. By handing over the responsibility of the sale to us, you no longer have to worry about drawing up the necessary documentation, contacting notaries, arranging viewings, etcetera. In addition to that, we will always strive to get you the best deal possible. Sounds good, right? Read more about our unique approach here.

If you are interested in this promising agricultural plot in Landsmeer, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about the possibilities. We are happy to help!


Price € n.o.t.k. k.k.
Surface 1000
Provinces Noord-Holland
Notes Landbouwgrond

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