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Valuable agricultural plot in Oosterhout

If you are looking for a stable investment opportunity, this agricultural plot in Oosterhout might be exactly what you need. The plot has a surface area of 2,000 m² and is part of the medium-sized municipality Oosterhout. In the past few years, local authorities have been busy developing new structural and zoning plans. The main focus is on building new residential areas and business parks, and improving the local infrastructure. Regional and provincial authorities are also working on improving the living environment. As such, Oosterhout is a very interesting area for landowners.

Future plans for the region

Oosterhout is currently working on improving the living environment and increasing employment opportunities. When it comes to this plot, planning area the Lint is especially interesting. This area extends along the Provincialeweg and the plot on offer is part of it. In the Lint, the main focus will be on building spacious houses in a rural setting. In addition to that, local authorities are putting a lot of effort and resources in improving the accessibility of nearby business parks and highways.

If we zoom out a bit, we can see that it doesn’t stop there. The region West-Brabant has decided on building over 3,000 new houses in the next ten years. Furthermore, provincial authorities are very keen on taking advantage of the strategic location of this region close to the Randstad, the Flemish Diamond and the Ruhr area. By widening the A27 highway and improving the railway, they hope to strenghten their reputation as a logistic hotspot. Every single one of these plans, big or small, greatly increases the investment value of this piece of land in Oosterhout. What are you waiting for?


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Price € 65.000 k.k.
Surface 2000
Provinces Noord-Brabant
Notes Landbouwgrond

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