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Valuable agricultural land in Didam

Buying an agricultural plot in the Netherlands is considered to be a smart investment. Although deciding on the best location can be tricky, the end result is often well worth the risk. That definitely applies to these promising agricultural plots in Didam. These parcels in the province of Gelderland tick a lot of boxes when it comes to potential, location and attractiveness. Interested? Wait till you read the rest.

Land with potential

These strategically located plots on the Doetinchemseweg in Didam are extremely promising. The future plans of the municipality of Montferland offer countless opportunities for local landowners. The province of Gelderland has been growing steadily for the past few years. As such, local development plans are mostly aimed at stabilizing the population. To make this happen, about 1,400 new houses will be needed, some of which will have to be built in Didam. In addition to that, it is also possible that Didam will soon be used to compensate for the housing shortage in other nearby towns.

The significant growth of this region comes as no surprise. Right around the corner of the plots on offer here, you’ll find the beautiful natural park Het Montferland. With a surface area of close to 5,500 acres, both locals and visitors come here to unwind throughout the year. Besides these attractive recreational activities, there are also more than enough jobs to satisfy all of the inhabitants of the region. Businesses in Oost-Gelderland have access to both national and international markets and are very easily accessible via highways A12 and A18. To top it off, local authorities are also considering extending the A15, although these plans have yet to be finalized. All of these advantages have significantly increased the potential of these plots, so be sure not to wait to long!


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Price € 22.500 k.k.
Surface 500
Provinces Gelderland
Notes Landbouwgrond

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